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рекламка-3        KRAFTONWEG OY are combining research and  experimental production.  We are focused on  developing  new  functional metal coatings and  new  methods of their deposition, including the development of coating  materials which meet specific customer's requirements.

       Our new technology utilizes all three components  of plasma flow at the same time: droplets, vapour and plasma itself, so that the deposition rate  reaches as high as 50-100 microns per hour.

   Our method allows to put a coating on any metal with melting point more than 600 C.

Strong adhesion is provided by preparatory treatment process: removing of oxide films and impurities through successive bombardment by inert gases and metal ions.

 Sample/substrate temperature can be adjusted and controlled within the range of 500 - 1000 °C.


Series of coatings based on Ta, Nb, Zr, Ti-6Al-4V and TiCu have been obtained and tested.
Particularly α-βTa and Ta -based coatings are formed with hardness of 200-800 HV in about 100 microns thick.


The technology is applicable for obtaining various material structures from continuous/solid ones up to really gradient and multi-layered coatings including intermetallic, as well as for evaporating nearly every metal and its combinations.
Noteworthy, our method is assolutely environmental friendly, as does not require any hazardous chemicals, high energy consumption, pollution, specific premises, etc.


You are welcome to try your own samples, should any specific issue we are happy to discuss it and find possible solutions.

 Our company do not produce thin decorative coatings.


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            article -3                         Multi-layer Ti-based Coating Obtained by Arc PVD Method.


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        Through our newly developed Vacuum Droplets

       technique the Ta, Zr, Ti ..... coating featuring  

       structural transformations has been obtained.

       Hardness: 200 -800 HV, could be varied.

       Thickness of the coating: 50 - 150 microns.

        Deposition rate: 50 - 100 microns per hour.




sample -3-2


Moreover, Hard coatings feature: 

 - high and uniform hardness

- excellent adhesion to metal / substrate

- pores-free and cracks-free structure

- even coating thickness on to 30 mkm in every size

- high corrosion and abrasion resistance


Superconducting films:


films-2        films   


 You can see the quality of our coatings on the pictures below:                                       


                           Ti + Cu                          ab Ta Conf-1                 

         TiCu- Coating                                                 (α-β)TaN - Coating


 Stainless steel sheets/plates with Ti, Zr, Zr-Ta, Ta coating. Size 250x250x(3-20)mm,   500x1200x(0.8-10)mm, 1250x2500x(3-10)mm. Coating on one or two sides.   Сoating thickness 10-100 μm. Carbon steel with Zirconium, Titanium coating. Other metals coating are possible. 
  •  Superconducting coatings, superconducting tapes, superconducting seamless   products.
  •  Stanles tubes with  Zr, ZrTa, Ta, Ti. Sizes: ф8-20mm L500-1000mm.   Other metals coating are     possible.
  •  Films> 100 μm  (Nb, TaN, Ta) for research, development, and educational   applications.
  •  Arc plasma clustered evaporators (with Power Supply unit) + service for research,   development, and  educational applications.



Though our know-how we offer novel and unique metallic coating and thin sheet materials.
We are totally devoted to meet every customer need in products and development of comprehensive performance improvement based on real operation conditions.



      Our services:

  • Research работа в TUT-2
  • Product development
  • Transfer of technology
  • Development and delivery of equipment (if necessary)
  • Servicing and repair of vacuum equipment
  • Support and development for new applications.







 Our company cooperates with the:

Tampere University of Technology,  Department of Materials Science, Finland

 Aalto University,  Low Temperature Laboratory, Department of Applied Physics, Finland 

 Oxford Instruments Plc, Finland



 Our vast experience, extensive partnership relations as well as careful attention to details enable us to offer the wide range of comfy logistic services for our customers. 

Common sense and craftsmanship are our main key points in finding best solutions saving our customers time and money so that the consignments are safely delivered in time wherever needed worldwide.
Our customers can trust us to move their components to our warehouse and then (after having been coated) back by courier or groupage service.
Even if you are not our customer for metal coating so far, would be pleased to make our best offers against your enquiries about carriage of your goods.